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Posted by admin on Aug 17, 2023
Alicia Vikander to direct climate change dystopia film in Tenerife

Swedish actress Alicia Vikander, Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actress in The Danish Girl, will be filming this month in Arico, south Tenerife, an Anglo-German production based on a future dystopian world looming over the consequences of change. climate.

Vikander will be accompanied by Elizabeth Olsen and both will film for ten days at the same location in Ariko where Clash of the Titans was filmed at the time, a private estate currently undergoing cleanup and environmental restoration work. kit manufacturing company.

Filming will require a minimum investment of 1.7 million euros, and more than 60 local residents will be involved in the production and contracting of various services, including 600 hotel nights, the production company said.

He adds that at a time when the Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strike is affecting both production companies and service providers, this independent European co-production “is a breath of fresh air” for the Canary Islands’ audiovisual economy.

In this regard, he recalls that in 2022 the audiovisual industry grew the most in the economy of the Canary Islands, with a much higher evolution compared to other sectors such as tourism, primary or new technologies, representing a “true diversification”. economy of the island.

With 164 productions in 2022, up 128% from the previous year, filming left 224 million euros of investment, excluding advertising, and had a big impact on direct recruitment of 15,300 jobs.

However, the aforementioned strike in Hollywood has paralyzed the production of major studios, filming and promotion of audiovisual projects, which affects not only the entertainment industry such as cinemas and TV channels, but also all areas of provision, such as catering companies, construction, rental and costume design, cleaning , logistics and transport.

If last year there were 5,483 days of filming across all the islands, independent European productions like this one, which will film in Abades, and national projects are the only ones today that can support the sector and the jobs associated with it, he adds. producer.

Canarian service providers Volcano Films and So Near The Paradise are working on filming, which will star Vikander and Olsen, and doing all the pre-production on the islands.

Production is carried out by the English company Number 9 Films, led by producer Stephen Whalley, an Oscar nominee for films such as The Crying Game and Interview with the Vampire, among others, and the German Augenschein-Filmproduction, which is among its latest productions. – “Mother Mary” starring Anne Hathaway.

The film marks the feature debut of French director Fleur Fortuné. [Source]


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